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The Neighborhood

So far in 2019, through the generosity of our community, LCM has served 576 households with $686,837 of goods and services.  From a bag of groceries and emergency financial assistance, to medical and dental care for uninsured patients, to fellowship luncheons for the seniors in our community; Christ’s love is being spread in tangible ways to our neighbors.

Lighthouse is now making it easy for everyone to become a partner in our ministry.  The Neighborhood was designed to conveniently accommodate our donors and supporters who wish to give to Lighthouse Christian Ministries on a recurring basis by making a quarterly or monthly donation.  For as little as $20 per month, you can provide critical food, medical and dental care, and educational opportunities for our neighbors in need.

By making your commitment, you help offset the expenses Lighthouse incurs providing ongoing ministry services.  Your monthly gift gives Lighthouse the opportunity to serve more of our neighbors and create new programs as community needs arise.  All members of The Neighborhood will receive a special gift to publicly signify your commitment to LCM.

For more information about The Neighborhood or any information about supporting the Lighthouse Christian Ministries mission, go to the LCM website or contact the Development Office at 281-339-3033, ext. 311 or email

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Lightkeepers Society

From day one, LCM has given 100% of all contributions directly back to supporting outreach in the community.  Over the last few years, the ministry has seen significant growth and a significant increase in our outreach to the community. With this amazing growth has come an increase in the cost of administration. In order to continue to allow 100% of all benevolence fund contributions to go back into the community, The Lightkeepers giving society has been established.

The Lightkeepers are a specific group of donors who pledge to support the ongoing mission of LCM by contributing $5,0000 or more to the ministry’s annual budget. Each fall, The Lightkeepers will be invited to a reception that will be a time to celebrate the last year’s accomplishments and share the ministry vision for the following year.

We strive for complete financial transparency, so if you have any questions or would like additional financial information about The Lightkeepers or planned giving opportunities, please contact the Development Office at 281-339-3033, ext.311 or email

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