Lighthouse Christian Ministries



Lightkeepers Society

Who Are The Lightkeepers?

From day one LCM has given 100% of all contributions directly back to supporting outreach in the community. Historically this has been made possible by utilizing proceeds from the LCM Resale Shop and contributions from a few specific individuals to cover the cost of general overhead, when necessary.

Over the last few years, the ministry has seen significant growth and we have greatly increased our outreach to the community. With this amazing growth has come an increase in the cost of general overhead. In order to continue to allow 100% of all benevolence fund contributions to go back into the community, the Lightkeepers have been established.

Lightkeepers are a specific group of donors that will pledge to support the ongoing mission of LCM by contributing specifically to the ministry's annual operations budget, which will be called the Lightkeeper Budget. Each Fall, Lightkeepers will be invited to a reception that will be a time to celebrate the last year's accomplishments and share the vision and the Lightkeeper Budget for the following year.

We strive for complete financial transparency, so if you have any questions or would like additional financial information please contact us at [email protected] or call 281-339-3033.